Model A2G-70

Ventilation duct sensor

For relative humidity and temperature

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  • For measuring the relative humidity and temperature of gaseous media in ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Special features

    • Electrical output signal DC 0 ... 10 V
    • Simple mounting
    • Compact and robust design
    • Measured value registration by means of a capacitive sensor
    • Maintenance-free


The model A2G-70 ventilation duct sensor is a relative humidity sensor with an integrated temperature measurement, suitable for direct mounting on circular ventilation pipes or rectangular ventilation ducts.

The adjustable mounting flange enables a quick installation. The illuminated display (option) provides good readability, even from a distance. The A2G-70 has a screwless cover for rapid wiring and commissioning.

The measurement of relative humidity and the air temperature as the basis of demand-orientated control/regulation is gaining ever more importance in the ventilation and air-conditioning industry. The A2G-70 registers the relative humidity and the temperature of the air with a capacitive sensor. The sensor signals for both measurement parameters are transmitted to the control/regulation or building automation with analogue output signals (0 ... 10 V) or digital Modbus® protocol.